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2016-01-10 - 6:30 p.m.��previous entry��next entry

Babies 7 and 8! :)

Nearly three years since I last updated this pregnancy journal, and it is definitely time for an update! :) I am still blogging at my pregnancy journal over at, but if anyone happens to occasionally swing by this one without knowing of the other one, then here's a quick update!

Last time I updated, it was to say that I'd had a sixth baby boy (Elijah, born in May 2012), and that I was newly pregnant again, and back to update my tickers that count how old the children are, and how far along I am in a pregnancy (they are at the bottom of the yellow section if you scroll down).

After six boys, I had my first baby girl on October 23rd 2013 - Lydia Jane! :) Absolute bliss, dressing her up and enjoying girly things about the house! She is also very girly by nature which is lovely! :)

Last week, I had my 8th baby, due on January 4th 2016, but born at home at 39 weeks on December 28th! And it's another GIRL!!! :D She weighed 8lbs 1oz and her name is Rosalie Averil. I am such a blessed mummy - six sons and two daughters! I just praise God for how he has blessed us! I will be 40 next month and I know Rosalie could be my last, but as always I pray for a little more time for more babies as God sees fit. The children are happy and thriving, and are eager for another baby literally within days of me giving birth, lol! The boys ADORE their sisters and are incredibly protective.

I am not that great at keeping up regular blog posts with so little time these days, but the blogger one is the place to find me. :) I just updated my tickers, and will come back to update in the future if I have need to! :)

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